5 tips to improve your joint health

With the New Year upon us, many of us try to better ourselves, health wise. One of the best ways you can improve your health is to look after your joints.

Here at Johns Green Chiropractic Clinic, Kilkenny, we have come up with 5 simple tips which will help you to improve your joint health. If you would like to contact our chiropractor to discuss any of these further, then please email info@chiropractorkilkenny.com or call (056) 7715775

Tip 1. Try to eat foods which are naturally high in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital in controlling inflammation in the body (its also vital for a healthy immune system). Much of the pain associated with joint problems is associated with inflammation or the over production of it. Vitamin D also plays an important part in helping your bones maintain there density by aiding calcium absorption. 

Skin exposure to sunlight is the bodies preferred method of getting vitamin D, wintertime and many of us working indoors make it hard to meet the vitamin D requirements from sunlight alone. Foods that are natural high in Vitamin D include: salmon, almonds, liver, eggs, broccoli and leafy greens such as spinach. 

Tip 2. Make movement part of your daily life

“Use it or lose” it is a saying that is very appropriate here, if you do not use your joints into the full ranges of its motion, then you lose that range of movement and joints begin to stiffen up. You also need exercise to maintain bone density. 

While our chiropractors here at the John's Green Chiropractic Clinic Kilkenny always recommend exercise as being healthy for your joints, it must be introduced slowly if you have not done much in the past while. Your body will adapt quickly, but start slowly. Focus on movement that you enjoy like walking, dancing or some form of sport. 

Tip 3. Wear proper runners and use proper equipment

Too often our chiropractors see patients who have been running in worn out running shoes, this can lead to needless ankle, knee, hip and lower back problems. These injuries usually do heal, chronic injuries early in life can lead to arthritis in joints further down the line. 

Tip 4. Get help when it is needed

Many of us at this time of the year start or return to the gym, this in the long term is a very healthy practice for your joints and bones as discussed above. One of the biggest pit falls with returning to the gym is getting a programme done up and just leaving it at that. If you are not sure of an exercise, ask! If it’s a new exercise get the instructors to check if your technique is ok so you’re not doing any damage to your body. 

Tip 5 Don’t let those niggling injures go untreated

Ignoring niggles or little problems rarely if ever solves the issue. If you notice your knee, hip, lower back, neck or shoulder is stiffer on one side or the other, this can be an early indication of a problem. Qualified chiropractors, such as those here at the Johns Green Chiropractic clinic, Kilkenny, can help you find the cause of the problem. By removing the cause of the problem, it is less likely to cause long term issues to the joint.

For more information you can contact our chiropractors here at the Kilkenny clinic by email info@chiropractorkilkenny.com or by phone (056) 7715775