Barefoot walking and how it helps our feet and posture

"Born to Run", a best selling book has challenged a lot of the principles that society had and still has to a certain extent about supporting the foot as much as possible as adults and children, especially while exercising. Despite research as early as 1991 supporting barefoot style footwear for children, we don’t hear too much about the negative effects of over supporting their feet. In this study, optimal child foot development was seen in the absence of shoes. Stiff shoes were shown to cause deformities and weakness in the feet.

Abnormalities in how our feet develop as children influences how our gait (our walk) develops as adults. Here at the Johns Green chiropractic clinic in Kilkenny, our chiropractor can go through an examination of your foot, this will show what impact the weakness, restriction or deformity in your foot is having on your walk and posture.

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