Chiropractic treatment of neck pain

Here at the John's Green Chiropractic Clinic in Kilkenny, we notice that many of us have to spend too much time sitting at a desk with our head forward at a computer, or performing repeditive tasks at work

The result of this is that the muscles at the back of the neck and upper shoulders are overworking and can become very tight over time.This places extra pressure on the back, neck and shoulders and can lead to headaches, migranes and other neck pain.

Tension caused by stress can also lead directly to muscle tension. This places extra pressure on joints in the neck and can irritate the spinal nerves. When the spinal nerves are irritated, this leads to "reffered pain", pain radiating down the arm or numbness in the shoulder, arm or hands. 

The neck is vunerable as it supports the weight of our head. In correct posture our neck can take up to 13 pounds of weight, if we have faulty posture the weight on our necks can be up to 25 pounds!

At the John's Green Chiropractic Clinic Kilkenny we can treat neck pain and faulty posture, please contact the clinic on 0567715775 for a chat with our Chiropractor and see if what we can do to help you.